Enjoy Golf, Shopping, And Entertainment At The Fantasy Springs Resort And Casino

Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino is one of the hottest properties in Las Vegas today. The resort’s luxury condos, luxurious golf courses, and high-end shopping are all geared towards the upscale lifestyle that fantasy owners and vacationers have come to expect from the resort. However, most people do not realize how much there is to do at the resort, as well as some of the hidden gems.

fantasy springs resort and casino

One of the most popular things to do at the Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino is to spend time playing the world’s best golf courses. Most people travel to Las Vegas just to play at the Mirage, so it is a great place to try to get the most out of your golf trip. Whether you decide to play any of the other courses or play in the water at the Bellagio, there is no shortage of awesome golf to be had. You can also play one of the many slot machines at the casino or hit the fairways at the course’s championship golf course.

One of the hidden treasures of the Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino is its spa facilities. The resort’s hotel features seven pools and two spas, all of which offer guests with different relaxing treatments to choose from. Among the treatments is the ability to sit in the spa and soak in scented salts and bubbles. The Vegas Strip itself is a very hot tourist attraction and the spa can provide guests with an after-dark treat.

After soaking in the spa, guests can take a tour of the resort or just check out the rooms and suites. For those who like to shop, the mall and restaurant surrounding the resort is open twenty-four hours a day, so don’t miss out on the shopping experience at the resort. There are a variety of shops to check out, including the Cirque du Soleil, Burberry, and Prada.

Another great thing to do at the Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino is to relax and enjoy the casino. During the evening, there are shows at the Bellagio’s casino, and there are occasional performances in the outside courtyard by Cirque du Soleil. This is also the perfect place to catch a show from a live musical, or to catch an inspirational speech.

The golf courses at the Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino are amazing. Every tee box features a picture of their founder, Harry Loew. Every tee box is surrounded by rich vegetation and surrounded by exotic plants. Every hole at the resort is surrounded by a lush green lawn with large trees and flowers growing in the holes and along the fairways.

The resort’s golf courses have gorgeous views of the mountains around them. A lot of the courses have gazebos overlooking the views of the desert and the high country areas nearby. The slopes of the courses are spectacular and offer plenty of challenges.

The Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino offers many things for the upscale golf enthusiast, the discerning visitor, and those who want to kick back and relax. With all of the entertainment, food, and spa options that they offer, it’s not hard to find something to please everyone.