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January 31, 2015
Family picture 2010, before the addition of James, Roger and Eleanor

Family picture 2010, before the addition of James, Roger and Eleanor

I have always been a voracious reader and sometime writer even while raising nine children.  In fact, reading allowed me to escape for a few minutes (or hours) during the day while staying connected to the needs of our family.

Our youngest is now ten and the stories that have been stewing inside my head as I washed dishes, cooked dinner and helped with homework these last 25 years are bubbling up and out of my fingertips. My favorite books to read are DaVinci Code, Pride and Prejudice, the scriptures, any of the Harry Potter books and of course, Good Night Moon.

My husband is smart and good and willing to hitch himself to me even though I let him know at the first that I wanted 12 children! Our children are all creative and opinionated which made for an interesting home while they grew and became more and more capable and independent.

Sweet baby James and our Tracy

Sweet baby James and our Tracy

We have two son-in-laws that would be hard to top, and a grand-daughter that is breathtakingly real. We are so very blessed by each one of them.

I studied History, English and Communications at BYU, taking classes that seemed interesting instead of focusing on a major. I spent summers in D.C. interning on the Hill for a senator where I was asked to help write speeches for him.

Last year I decided to read the Old Testament and fortuitously I decided to read it online instead of reading the actual book. There I discovered the wonder of following footnotes and links, sometimes spending hours on just a few pages.

One day, while reading about King David, I decided to Google the phrase ‘Throne of David’ and found a roiling controversy. That detour kept me occupied for the better part of a day and I distinctly remember laying my head on my pillow that night and thinking, ‘someone should write a novel about that’, and the next morning, my first thought upon waking up was, ‘I am going to try writing a book about the Throne of David!’

Our grand-daughter!

Roger, Michelle and our grand-daughter!

It took a year, but only nine months of writing because I took the summer off. I couldn’t figure out how to write and take care of all the chaos at our house.

Dana and Ann

Dana and Ann

In August I decided to send out my manuscript. I sent one copy to Dan Brown’s agent and one to Cedar Fort Publishing because they had been recommended to me by a friend. Then I got busy again and pretty much forgot all about it.

In late November, on a Monday I got an email from an editor at Cedar Fort telling me that they were reading my book and were seriously considering publishing it. I didn’t tell a soul but butterflies took up residence in my insides and for several days I checked my email religiously.

Just when I had decided that they were passing me over, on the Wednesday before the Thanksgiving holiday, another email appeared with a contract and a letter offering to publish my book.

More recent family picture

More recent family picture, Stan is the only one missing

I am thrilled to be working with the team at Cedar Fort, they are professional and patient and working to take this story to the world.

It is said that about 80% of us feel we have a book we’d like to write. My advice to you is read a lot to develop taste and discernment. Write every day to develop the ability to use language well. Open yourself up to the creativity that is all around you, within you, and once that idea comes don’t be afraid to jump in and figure out how to write a book.

If I can do it, anyone can. That is the truth!

Never forgotten, always missed. Our son Dale 1983-1985

Never forgotten, always missed. Our son Dale 1983-1985