Book Backstory

Taken from a speech I will be presenting to an Independent Bookseller Convention:

My book, ‘The Throne of David’, is a historical mystery and joins works such as the ‘Da Vinci Code’ or ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ in unraveling ancient legends. The story follows the history of the throne of David, you might remember that king David was promised that his throne would endure until Christ came to personally reign on the earth. David’s throne has always been joined with a sacred stone and you might be shocked to learn that this throne exists today, hidden in plain sight.

The book is set in New York, London, Ireland and Scotland and is a fictionalized account of the intricacies of this great mystery. Prophecies about the throne abound and my book follows its history through time and across continents. The book ultimately reveals the likely resting place of the coronation stone – symbol of the royal throne of David.

It is a riveting story and it has been one of the great adventures of my life to research, untangle and then write about this mysterious throne.

In the book you will become acquainted with David Lord, Camryn Lavender and Roger Brough, who I foolishly named after my son-in-law. It is a decision I have come to regret but I had to be true to the story and I have since sworn off naming any characters after those I love, just in case I have to kill them off.

An interesting backstory to this book is the story of how a 55 year old mother of ten children managed to write anything, let alone a 105,000 word novel. My life is busy and demanding and the first thing people want to know is how I managed to find time to do this crazy thing called writing and publishing a novel. We still have five children living at home and I cook three full meals a day and then run four loads of dishes. I try to have the house clean once a day and we are down to two loads of laundry a day, thank goodness. But the greatest demand on my time and energy is our children’s great need to connect with me and their need to feel my love for them. That takes time and effort, daily, for all of them, not just the ones still at home.

People I meet seem to find faith that if I can do this, their dreams are certainly within reach!

I can vividly recall walking out of my writing closet nine months after after beginning this project. The book was done and I was as shaky and shocky as if I had actually given birth. Which in a way, I had.

In August it was obvious that the book was ready and so I made it a goal to send my book to one publisher and one agent. All as we were sending two daughters off to college, a son on a mission, getting two children ready for high school, settling two middle school children into a home school routine and two fitted out for grade school. I was just a little busy that month! But I decided I could send the book to my top two picks. The publisher was, of course, the inimitable Cedar Fort. The agent I chose was Heidi Lange, Dan Brown’s agent. I filled out their forms, uploaded the manuscript and for just a moment, my finger hovered over the ‘send’ button. It was a momentous occasion and I hesitated before sending my creation off to be judged. Examined by other eyes far more experienced than my own. It took a couple of months to hear back from them but both of them wrote me back expressing interest in the book. The story had taken flight.

And as much as my editor said she loved the manuscript we still re-wrote at least half of it and I know they changed every single comma in the book! Editing was a vast creative effort, one that challenged me to write with more clarity and depth.

The Throne of David is now in the warehouse, released today, and I am officially passing the baton over to you. As gatekeepers, as book lovers, as store owners and readers, it is your turn to read it and then decide if it is a story worth telling. I know how precious the real estate inside a bookstore can be, no author takes your goodwill for granted and I want to thank you for helping us bring our creations to actual readers! We, the creators of this book, pass on our work to you and your readers. You will ultimately decide if it is a story worth sharing and those who read it will decide if it is a story that takes on a life of its own. David Lord only exists if someone opens the book and reads his story!

I have written about the creative process in a pamphlet I call ‘A Remarkable Journey Towards Creativity’. I believe many people who read my book might be interested in reading this as well. It is the story of how I came to write, in spite of the time and space challenges inherent in my life. It is said that 80% of us believe we have a book in us! I have written this to try to explain the extraordinary process of creativity. If you would like to offer this pamphlet to your people we can talk afterwards. It is on my website – – and can be downloaded for free with the right code. The code is ‘free’. My hope is that my story helps to motivate and inspire someone who is now contemplating or struggling with the act of creation.

Before I ever attempted writing, I spent a lifetime as a voracious reader. I know the power of words. That power is limitless, endless and an extraordinarily force for good or ill. The Throne of David, this act of creation, has enriched my life and my hope is that it will bless yours as well.

And keep in mind, if I can do this, anyone can. We all have dreams and aspirations – obstacles are just a way to prove we are worthy of those dreams. Thank you.